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Rave Reviews of Ellen LaFurn

“An exemplary cast of musicians and a delightful repertoire of songs”

Ellen LaFurn is both a flautist by training and a jazz singer by instinct. Her instrumental training gives her that important sensitivity to pitch and dynamics, but her creamy voice is more than just perfect In intonation-she has that grasp for the words and the message of the songs she sings down pat.

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“Coming on like gangbusters”

And certainly she navigates melodies very well, seeming to easily hit the notes and to fly or float in any tempo, with her dips into Brazilian music (Jobim's cozy melody for "Dindi"), as well as brightly swinging, or slow and slinky ones. Throughout the CD, the singer's diction and adeptness at handling melodic lines are admirable, her timbre is attractive, and intonation is solid.

Talkin' BroadwayTalkin' Broadway

“Spot-on interpretive approach”

...her interpretive approach to the music is spot-on. She does full justice to an uptempo burner like "Cherokee," and is equally impressive with an evocative ballad like "When Sunny Gets Blue."

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Laid-back & easy jazz vocals issue forth nicely from Ellen on thirteen fun tunes you will dig deep down into, no doubt in my mind. Since Ellen also plays flute (though not on this release), she has that extra comprehension of how a vocal needs to "fit" into the jazz that many other vocalists will never understand.

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“Warm wistful haze”

C'est is a baker's dozen of standards delivered in knowing and sympathetic fashion by a woman who understands what's what, enveloping the listeners in a warm wistful haze of past reminiscence and present hope.

Acoustic MusicAcoustic Music review

“Skillfully conveying beauty”

Always present in the music swing, accurate intonation vocalist...confidently finding proper place every note and skillfully conveying the beauty and melody and mood of the song...

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